Types of hunting & shooting

available in France


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Deer Stalking is the only technique used in France and is mainly done in September during the rut. Later in the year the hinds and the yearlings are hunted. Some excellent red deer are found at the Pyrenees mountain areas.

Wild Boar

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Wild boar has been on the uprise in france especially in Normandy,Sologne and Bordeaux and has some exceptional shoots reported. France has some execption hunts that take place in the deep forests.


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Mouflon originate from the french island of corsica and is the only french wild sheep. This game is an interesting to hunt because it’s very skillful in the abrupt environment in the south of France and they find it their favourite habitat.


Various Birds

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Pheasant hunting starts at the end of september and ends in mid january. In the early season hunting partridge in the grapvines and fields from the end of October.


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Duck shooting season in france opens around the middle of august with regional varations there are two very different ways of hunting duck.  Resident mallard living in the lakes and the other type is targeting the migration of the ducks when moving from the far north in July/november.


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The season for woodcock in France is november to January and is found all over france and is hunted over pointed dog with bells. Shooting snipe starts in France from september to December and the best runs are in sept to october. there are several types of snipes in France and the biggest snipe is the becassine and rarely met amd is fully protected.

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